Alpina Creme Brulee Burner


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EAN                   8711252267746
Brand Name    Alpina
SKU                   ED-26774
volume              0.000322
Weight               0.121
Height                11
Width                 4.5
Length                6.5
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Alpina ED-26774: Creme Brulee Burner

Caramelizing, browning, completing au gratin, and over-crusting this attractive crème brulée is simple and quick. Professional patissiers use a crunchy caramel layer to cover their cream, flan, or cake. With the hot, precisely controlled flame, the sugar you sprinkle on can be caramelized quickly and accurately while the cream beneath remains chilled. The gas burner may be replenished with butane gas, which is commonly used in lighters.

For caramelizing and browning crusts, as well as heating and finishing them. Make it look easy! Precision is simple with an adjustable flame length and firm grip. With a kid safety catch and a stand base.

Materials: PP
Incl. gas liquid

Weight 0.121 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.5 × 11 cm


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Alpina Creme Brulee Burner

Availability: 119 in stock