Genius Ideas 24 Pieces Magic Needles


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EAN                   3574590072213
Brand Name    Genius Ideas
SKU                   GI-007221
volume              0.000104
Weight               0.017
Height                1
Width                 8
Length                13
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Genius Ideas GI-007221: 24 Pieces Magic Needles

The Magic Needles from Genius Ideas® thread themselves "all by themselves"!
They are equipped with an open needle eye, through which the thread is pulled and which holds it back like a conventional needle.
No more time wasted and no more annoying threading!
The fine, gold-colored needle eye allows the thread to glide optimally.
An invention that makes your life easier!
Supplied with 24 needles in the most popular sizes: 8 needles 35mm, 8 needles 38mm, and 8 needles 42mm.
Material: 60 stainless steel.

Weight 0.017 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 1 cm


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Genius Ideas 24 Pieces Magic Needles

Availability: 413 in stock