Genius Ideas 3 Pieces Multi-Use Static Dusters


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EAN                   3574591330015
Brand Name    Genius Ideas
SKU                   GI-133001
volume              0.00198
Weight               0.379
Height                5
Width                 9
Length                44
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Genius Ideas®GI-133001: 3 Pieces Multi-Use Static Dusters

Genius Ideas® multifunctional dust frond, set of 3
Forget old clothes that only stir up the dust! With the electrostatic Genius, Ideas® Dust fronting saves you time and cleans all surfaces in no time. The dust will be tightened and held – even in hard-to-reach places comes the extendable

  • Dust fronds playfully. After use, simply shake out or clean with water.
  • These electrostatics dusters catch and retain dust
  • Removing dust is done with disconcerting ease and almost becomes a pleasure
  • Each duster has its appropriate utility to allow to clean all places
  • Dimensions: 25cm/9.8", 60cm/23.6
  • Stretchable of 70 to 100cm / 27.6 to 39.4"
Weight 0.379 kg
Dimensions 44 × 9 × 5 cm


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Genius Ideas 3 Pieces Multi-Use Static Dusters

Availability: 6 in stock