Genius Ideas 'Clever Tray' Fresh Storage System XL - 1 Piece


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EAN                   3574591271103
Brand Name    Genius Ideas
SKU                   GI-127110
volume              0.004212
Weight               0.48
Height                4
Width                 27
Length                39
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Genius Ideas® GI-127110: "Clever Tray" Fresh Storage System XL – 1 Piece

The ingenious solution to a well-known problem – designed and patented by Genius Ideas®! They still struggle daily with cling film, which constantly sticks? Or with aluminum foil, which constantly tearing down? Finally say goodbye to opening the packaging in the fridge, to unpleasant odors, and quickly spoiling foods. The innovative Clever Tray freshness system from Genius Ideas® is THE solution for every household! Ideal for Sausage, ham and cold cuts, cheese, smoked fish, scampi, and much more. The Food is perfectly stored by the ultra-resistant, stretched cling film in the lid covered and hermetically sealed in no time at all. Particularly practical: The lid is removable, so Clever Tray also serves as a plate on the breakfast table at the same time! Clever Tray is completely dishwasher safe, for quick and easy cleaning. Put an end to the cumbersome packaging of cold cuts & Co., no more unnecessary waste – Clever Tray is the optimal "freshness friend"!

The new solution to wrap and preserve flat food instantly
Keep your food fresh longer and avoid the waste of cellophane and aluminum foils
The ultra-resistant film fits the food closely to avoid air exchanges.
Its lid is detachable to offer a serving tray
Stackable you can save space and organize your fridge
Reusable, it is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave resistant
Item dimensions: 38 x 26 x 3 cm.
Material: PP, TPU.
CODE 5090

Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 39 × 27 × 4 cm


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Genius Ideas ‘Clever Tray’ Fresh Storage System XL – 1 Piece

Availability: 41 in stock