Herzberg HG-5032: 3-Mode Mineralized Shower Head


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EAN                   6958257910785
Brand Name    Herzberg
SKU                   HG-5032
volume              0.002106
Weight               0.3
Height                9
Width                 9
Length                26
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Herzberg HG-5032: 3-Mode Mineralized Shower Head

Enjoy the luxurious and high-end spa experience with the Herzberg HG-5032: 3-Mode Mineralized Shower Head. This showerhead is compact and powerful that produce a 3 mode of water spray ranging from Rainfall, Massage and Jetting so we can bring the spa experience into your very home. Excellent performance and power, it produces 200% of water pressure while saving 35% of water consumption, thanks to the miniature hole design. Strong and durable, this showerhead is made up of carbon-fiber PC and ABS material that is environmentally friendly. The bioactive stone filtration system purifies the water from the shower, remove 99% of the chlorine toxins from the water and better for a healthier appearance of hair and skin, it makes you rejuvenated, it help to absorb healthy mineral to the skin. It relieves fatigue and promotes metabolism. It also regulates the pH value of the water, making the water quality in weak alkaline, beneficial for health. This showerhead is 3 stone layer filtration system that provides remarkable health benefits. Quick and easy to install, this showerhead can fit in universal and standard fitting and connectors.

3 Types Bioactive Stone Filter:

  • Stone of Mineralization A kind of mineral functioning as air purification. Absorbs harmful substances in the air to achieve the effect of deodorization
  • Anion StoneRelease negative ions, improve lung ventilation, promoting metabolism and anti-bacterial
  • Stone of GermaniumEffectively removes chlorine from tap water during bathing, shrinking skin pores, moisturizing hydrates and whitens skin to prevent skin aging

Attention: Mineral Stone Replacement/Additional can Purchase.


  • Incredible luxurious spa shower experience
  • Natural patent head design
  • 3 mode control switch
  • Massage therapy, Waterfall mode & Jetting shower
  • Miniature holes save water up to 35%
  • Increases water pressure by 200%
  • Immediate result: natural shine, smooth hair
  • Whole-body restoration and rejuvenation
  • Smoothens skin reduces oil secretion& improves nutrient absorption
  • Helps in deodorization of air & absorbs harmful substances
  • Releases negative ion promotes metabolism& anti-bacterial
  • Shrinks skin pores and with anti-aging factor
  • Easy to attach, fits any standard hose & easy to clean
  • Miniature holes keep the pressure high and power flowing
  • 2 years Guarantee


  • Brandname: Herzberg
  • Color: Silver
  • Materials: ABS, PC & Stainless Steel
  • Jet Mode: 3 (Massage therapy, Waterfall mode & Jetting shower)
  • Filtration Type: 3 (Mineralization Stone, Anion Stone, Germanium Stone)
  • Product Dimension: 8cm × 248cm

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 9 cm


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Herzberg HG-5032: 3-Mode Mineralized Shower Head

Availability: 4 in stock