Pet Treatment Animal Care Gloves


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EAN                   8711252103563
Brand Name    MSY
SKU                   ED-10356
volume              0.00184
Weight               0.085
Height                23
Width                 5
Length                16
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Pet Treatment ED-10356: Animal Care Gloves
A well-groomed coat of your dog or cat protects against weather influences and also helps to regulate body temperature. Brushing your cat or dog is quick and easy with this grooming glove. The flexible brush molds to the body of your cat or dog. Especially brushing the awkward places that deserve extra attention, such as the belly, between the legs, under the tail and near the chest and chin is easy with this flexible brushing glove. The hairs stay behind on the brush and are easy to remove and throw away.
Do something good for your four-legged friends. Stroke through fur with this glove. So smooth, massage and remove at the same time. The loose hairs from the upper and lower fur are left hanging. You can easily pick and remove them. So these animals always have a shiny soft fur.
Colour: blue, black
Material: Textile, Silicone
Size: One-size
Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 23 cm


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Pet Treatment Animal Care Gloves

Availability: 10 in stock