Wellys 2 Pieces Hammer Toe Pad with Toe Loop


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EAN                   3574590414655
Brand Name    Wellys
SKU                   GI-041465
volume              0.00054
Weight               0.036
Height                3
Width                 9
Length                20
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Wellys®GI-041465: 2 Pieces Hammer Toe Pad with Toe Loop

Menthogel® hammertoe pad with toe loop, set of 2
The flexible and soft SEBS texture is not dissimilar to human tissue – this makes this hammertoe pad so pleasant! It dampens shocks when walking and softens pressure points. By lying directly under the toes, reduces the unpleasant chafing of the toenails and promotes a balanced gait. The toe loop holds the pad securely in place. In contrast to commercially available Silicone products have the hypoallergenic menthogel® hammertoe pad five to ten times such a long service life. It sticks, deforms and does not discolor, and also smells discreetly fresh mint.

  • Toe pads "Menthogel" (2)
  • This cushion absorbs shocks and will shear forces by reducing pressure points
  • Separates toes and prevent from Hallux Valgus for a comfortable effect
  • Lifetime 5 to 10 times superior to usual silicon products
  • The formula includes menthol extracts that kill odors and provide freshness to your feet
  • SEBS material properties: hypoallergenic, soft like human tissues, highly stretchable
  • Patented design by GD Import, Menthogel, and Pedigel are trademarks
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 2.4 x 2.6 cm
Weight 0.036 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 3 cm


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Wellys 2 Pieces Hammer Toe Pad with Toe Loop

Availability: 22 in stock